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Active weekends

As a nation, we are becoming more and more sedentary. Our work and lifestyles are making us less active than ever, and however much we may resolve to exercise more, it’s hard to drag yourself to a sweaty gym, pound the pavements or get on the bike on busy roads. But what if there was an exercise that you couldn’t help taking part in?

Well, Monster Inflatables might have the answer.

How many times have you seen a bouncy castle and wanted to get on? While it might not be appropriate if you are an adult and the castle is full of toddlers, why not get your own bouncy castle, invite friends and family around, and make sure that everyone has a good time.

There are some great reasons why getting a Monster Inflatable is a great idea.

First, we already know that bouncy castles are irresistible, but think about why that might be. Perhaps the obvious answer is they are just fun. And that’s because they are liberating. Being able to jump up and down, bounce off the walls, and fall down without hurting yourself is not something most of us get to do often, so when we do, it’s impossible not to do with without a smile on our faces.

Whether you want a gentle bounce in a corner, or to race from side to side, it won’t be long before you are laughing out loud.

And bouncy castles are great exercise. You might not realise it, but they are almost effortless way to have an active weekend. Having fun means that you don’t notice that you will be getting a great workout.

Bouncing around on an inflatable engages your whole body as you not only move but maintain your balance. 

The activity will increase your heart rate and speed up your metabolism. Bouncing on an inflatable can burn hundreds of calories an hour, making it a great fat burner. And, because it’s an inflatable, there are none of the harmful impacts or stresses that you can get with other exercises. Together, it makes it a great way for the whole family to exercise together, without realising they are exercising together.

And they are great for mental health too. 

We spend too long staring at screens and not long enough interacting and sharing moments with other people. When people are on an inflatable, they just have to join in. People aren’t just getting the benefits of physical exercise; they are also getting the benefits of sharing laughter and creating memories with the people they love and care about.

So, if you have been wondering how you can get the family off their tablets and consoles and being active together. Or just want something that will make a fun active evening or weekend. Why not give us a call at Monster Inflatables to make a no-deposit booking on an inflatable that will ensure everyone gets the most enjoyable workout they have ever had?





Thank you for sharing, great idea. Will definitely get in touch with you guys. Great offer.

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