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Birthday party ideas

Their birthday might only come once a year, but the pressure that comes with it lasts much more than one day. But why not remove the pressure of coming up with birthday party ideas by booking one of our go-kart parties?

Racing is a natural instinct for children, you only need to watch them racing in a playground. And many of them will love driving games on their tablets or consoles. So, imagine the excitement they will have when they realise they are actually getting behind a wheel to race their friends.

We provide everything you will need for one of the most fun activities anyone can do for their birthday — you just need to provide the venue and the children.

We provide an inflatable track, ensuring that the go-karts can’t drive into any walls and that the racers will come to no harm. But the karts themselves are full of safety features. Each one features an all-round bumper, so crashes mean that no-one can come to any harm. And, like all go-karts, the low centre of gravity means there’s no risk of any flips or spills.

And each go-kart will be speed-limited to match the age and ability of the kids. Not only does this keep things safe for everyone, but it also creates races that are fair and anyone can win, making it one of the most fun activities we offer.

What’s more, we take all the pressure of organising the races from you, providing a staff member to keep things moving along as well as ensuring that everything is done safely. They will even have a trophy to award to the winner!

You can even arrange for a visit from one of the world’s best known kart racers: Mario! He can come and wish the birthday boy or girl a happy birthday, making sure that it’s a party that no-one will forget.

And our go-karts can be a fun activity for any event, so if you want to hire them for a fête or fair, or a charity fundraiser, they can transform a special night into a spectacular night which every remembers for the fun they had.

But if go-karts aren’t your idea of a great party, don’t worry, we have lots of other birthday party ideas for you.

We can provide any inflatable that you can think of. And our bouncy castles come in a range of themes. So, if your party goers are princes and princesses, want to walk with dinosaurs, or just want to score goals, we can help.

If you are chasing after fun activities to burn off some energy, then why not consider our slides and assault courses. Or you can look at our soft-play equipment and ball pools.

And if you are still struggling for birthday party ideas, then give us a call. We have lost count of the number of parties we have been involved in, and our helpful team would love to help by sharing some great ideas for your little ones.



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