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Bouncy castle hire proves a famously popular party choice

Benedict Cumberbatch waves goodbye after a brilliant day of bouncing. 

Bouncy castle hire has always been a popular choice with both kids and parents, and here at Monster Inflatables, we do all we can to provide the biggest and best selection of bouncy castles available in Chelmsford and across Essex, at the most affordable prices.

We know that bouncy castle hire is loved by young and old alike, with a huge choice of party inflatables available for everyone from tiny tots to full-grown adults. What you might not know is that bouncy castles have a very famous fan – or at least that’s what one parody Twitter account would have us believe.

Fake Showbiz News

The popular Twitter account, Fake Showbiz News, is a hilarious read, attributing the strangest and silliest things to the celebrities we know and love. For example, this week, they claimed that:

“Idris Elba reveals he’s sent M&S more than 70 product ideas over the past year including Colin the Caterpillar beer.”

And when it came to fake fun for TV’s favourite Sherlock Holmes and Marvel’s Dr Strange, there was only one idea worthy of such a superstar.

Benedict Cumberbatch’s bouncy castle hire

No doubt picturing his rather stern personalities on TV and in the movies, Fake Showbiz News wanted to inject a little fun into Cumberbatch’s life, claiming that:

“Benedict Cumberbatch, says he’s thinking of hiring a bouncy castle tomorrow if anyone fancies popping round for a bounce”.

Not only that, but they claimed he was going to go one better by not only choosing a bouncy castle, but hiring a bounce and slide combo castle!

“‘I’m hoping to get one with a slide’ he told reporters.” says the site, obviously written by someone who knows just how much fun bounce and slide bouncy castle hire can be.

Bouncy castle hire ‘one of the best days of my life’

And the parody Twitter fun didn’t stop there! The next day, Fake Showbiz News was back to report on how much fun Benedict Cumberbatch had (allegedly) had on his bouncy castle, tweeting that:

“Benedict Cumberbatch says a big thank you to everyone who joined him for bouncy castle fun today. ‘It was honestly one of the best days of my life,’ he beamed.

The image of a staid Sherlock Holmes, or an ultra-serious Doctor Strange jumping up and down on his bouncy castle, or swooshing down the slide of a combo bounce and slide bouncy castle, is certainly one that will live with us here at Monster for a long time to come.

Be like Benedict and invite your friends round for a bounce

All joking aside, there’s nothing fake about the Fake Showbiz New idea that bouncy castle hire is brilliant fun. Many, many of our bouncy castle customers tell us, just like Cumberbatch apparently did, that it was one of the best days of their lives, and that their kids and their friends all thought the same.

Bouncy castle hire is just so much fun and such a simple idea to make any birthday party, family get together or other celebration a great, giggling success. And with Monster Inflatables, you can choose bouncy castle hire in a huge range of themes, covering everything from Baby Shark to Unicorns, tot’s favourite Bing to enchanting under the sea bouncy castle hire.

To find out more about how bouncy castle hire can transform your party and give you one of the best days of your life, get in touch with our friendly team today. And to follow more made-up stories about the stars, follow @FakeShowbizNews on Twitter today.

(Benedict Cumberbatch picture credit Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0)



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