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Hire a bouncy castle with friends this Easter - why wait for an occasion?

Here at Monster Inflatables, lots of our customers hire a bouncy castle for special occasions, like birthdays and bar mitzvahs, family celebrations and even Christmas parties.

But you don’t have to wait for a party to enjoy the fun. You can hire a bouncy castle anytime, for any kind of occasion. In fact, you could even hire a bouncy castle without there being an occasion at all.

Team up to treat the kids

Monster Inflatables works hard to make it as affordable as possible to hire a bouncy castle. That means that you only need a few friends or neighbours to get together and your kids can enjoy fantastic fun for just a few pounds each.

You can hire a bouncy castle from as little as £85 for one of our low height bouncy castles. That’s just over twenty quid each between four families. Now that’s incredible value for a whole afternoon of children’s entertainment.

You can also hire a bouncy castle in one of over fifty themes from just £90. Bouncy castles with slides start at just £115. Themes include the hugely popular Barbie, the enduring earworm Baby Shark, the Aussie children’s hit Bluey and toddler TV favourite Bing.

Ideal for the Easter holidays

Hire a bouncy castle with friends this Easter, and you’ll not only give your kids a treat, you’ll also give yourself and the other parents a break too. Get together in one of your gardens and you can enjoy a chat and a cuppa while the children play.

It’s a great way to break up the long school holidays without breaking the budget. You could even use it as a reward for good behaviour during the rest of their time off school.

Hire a bouncy castle overnight

Want to extend the excitement? Hire a bouncy castle from Monster and you can add overnight hire for just £40 more – or £10 each between four friends. That way the fun doesn’t have to stop when we collect in the late afternoon.

Hire a bouncy castle overnight and they can keep playing right up to bedtime. They can even get in a quick sneaky extra bounce in the morning if they’re up early enough! Overnight bouncy castle hire is a great way to wear out even the most active of kids. It helps them to settle and sleep better which means you get a better sleep too!

It’s not too late to hire a bouncy castle for Easter

The Easter break starts late for many schools this year. Normally the two-week holiday has Easter weekend in the middle, however, Easter is much earlier this year. That means that most kids don’t break up until the day before good Friday. The two-week break then continues until Monday 15th April.

Many smaller bouncy castle companies may be booked up by now, but not Monster. We’ve got such a huge range for your bouncy castle hire that we’ve always got something for you, even at such short notice.

Get in touch today

We love being part of your big birthday celebrations, but why wait until then? Talk to our friendly team today and you can hire a bouncy castle between your friends and neighbours for a fraction of the cost of having your own castle. It’s a brilliant treat for Easter and makes the school holidays so much more fun for everyone.

Think about it: would you rather spend the day arguing with your bored kids, or chatting with your friends and neighbours over a wine spritzer while the kids tire themselves out? We know which we’d rather be doing!



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