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Is bouncy castle hire safe?

As the lockdown drags on and we’re all searching for a little light relief, the Monster Inflatables team are often asked the question: ‘is bouncy castle hire safe?’. The good news is that yes, it absolutely is, and we go to great lengths to make it that way. Our team are fully trained in Covid-safe practices, including regular hand washing, social distancing, mask wearing and sanitising your bouncy castle, so you can relax and enjoy Covid-safe kids’ parties with complete confidence and peace of mind.

How is bouncy castle hire safe?

At the start of the pandemic, there was a lot of concern about the safety of surfaces and the risk of catching Covid through touch. According to the journal, Nature, worldwide sales of surface disinfectants reached £3.2bn in 2020, a rise of 30% over previous years. Yet as time has passed, the role of surfaces in virus transmission has been found to be very small, with Nature concluding that ‘surface transmission, although possible, is not thought to be a significant risk’.

Even so, Monster Inflatables thoroughly sanitise and disinfect every bouncy castle before every hire, and we wipe it down again after we have put it up, to guarantee Covid-safe bouncy castle hire.

We take lots of precautions to protect your family 

Is bouncy castle hire safe for children? 

With little or no contact with their friends, no school and no opportunities to play out, we have to make extra effort to look after both the physical and mental health of our children. Public Health England has some great advice for parents on supporting children and young people, and Essex County Council has some handy tips on staying well. They both agree that exercise and physical activity are hugely important, giving children the chance to have some fun, burn off their excess energy and enjoy themselves for a change. Bouncy castle hire is not only safe for children, it can play an key role in their health and wellbeing. 

Is bouncy castle hire safe for adults? 

After so many months of lockdown, it is natural to worry about strangers coming to your home, but don’t worry because Monster Inflatables have got you covered. We’ve been delivering bouncy castles under pandemic conditions for almost a year now and so we know exactly how to make it safe. Our team will maintain social distancing throughout delivery and collection, and Monster Inflatables can even deliver completely contact-free by arrangement. This means that even vulnerable households can enjoy the benefits of bouncy castle hire in complete safety. Just give us a call and tell us where you want your bouncy castle and leave the rest to us.

Bouncy castle hire is good clean fun for your kids 

It’s time for a treat 

As we pass the one year mark, the question has almost turned itself around. As parents, we should no longer be asking ‘is bouncy castle hire safe for our kids’, but asking ourselves whether not having fun and letting go occasionally is actually a bigger risk to our children’s health and wellbeing. It’s time for a treat. It’s time for some fun for a change. And at Monster Inflatables, we’re ready and waiting to help make that happen as safely as possible.



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