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Monster Inflatables guide to your child’s wellbeing during lockdown.  

Some help with home-schooling

Let’s be honest; home-schooling has been a challenge for everyone with kids hasn’t it? Anyone who tells you that it’s easy is either a huge loss to the teaching profession, or they’re not being entirely truthful with you! Sometimes it can feel like we’ve gone back to school as much as our kids have, as we frantically google what a pronoun is or try to remember how to multiply fractions.

Of course, school isn’t just about classroom learning. There is so much more to the school day than just lessons and books. Kids love school for playtime with their friends, PE and games in the gym, and all the other activities that make the school day fun. And if teaching is hard to replicate at home, then these elements of their day are so much harder.


Playtime is an essential part of the school day, and not just because it gives them a break from the books. Playtime is where they get to run around and burn off their excess energy ready for their next class, helping them to focus on their lessons. 

It’s also one of the best places for using their imagination in exciting adventure games with their friends, in a fantasy world that’s all their own.


As they get older, many kids come to hate PE, but for younger kids, PE can be the highlight of the week. Once again, there is much more to it than meets the eye and this is not just about playing games. PE teaches kids important skills like co-ordination and teamwork, as well as helping them to stay fit and healthy. The exercise of PE has never been more important than it is today, with childhood obesity on the rise.

Playtime and PE at home

So how do you go about replicating these two important parts of the school day when you are locked down at home in the middle of a stormy, wet and often snowy winter? The garden is a quagmire and the last thing you want is little kids running around your house burning off their energy. Yet if they don’t get it out of their system, it will be so much harder to get them to concentrate for their next lesson.

Monster has the answer

Fortunately, Monster Inflatables have come to the rescue, with a way that your kids can play, exercise and enjoy themselves, inside, in the warm. Our indoor bouncy castles for hire in Chelmsford and across Essex measure just 7ft by 7ft, so they will fit inside almost anywhere. You could put it in the corner of the living room, in the conservatory or even in the garage if it’s heated. They’ve got all the bounce of our larger castles, but they have been specially designed for indoor use at home.

Add playtime to home-school 

Hire an indoor bouncy castle in Essex and you can make home-schooling feel more like the real thing, with regular playtime to break up the online learning. You might think that it will distract your kids, but many happy hirers have told us it actually achieves the opposite, helping kids to focus for longer, knowing there is a treat at the end. Essex indoor bouncy castle hire is also ideal for all kind of PE exercises, helping to teach your kids co-ordination and other important motor skills, while building up their strength and stamina. You can even incorporate it into other lessons like science.

They’ll sleep better too!

The best part of all, especially for parents, is that tired kids sleep much better when it comes to bedtime. If they have done nothing but lessons all day, then their head may be tired, but not their body. By hiring an indoor bouncy castle in Chelmsford, you can make sure that their bodies are as tired as their brains, helping them to get to sleep quicker and maybe even earlier, so you can get on with that well-earned glass of wine.

Not just a treat

You may have thought that hiring an indoor bouncy castle was a frivolous treat, but if you are struggling to cope with home-schooling, then it could turn out be just the teaching assistant that your home school classroom needs. To find out more, visit our indoor bouncy castle page, or talk to our team about the rest of our extensive indoor play at home range.

We’re all in this together, and together we will get through it with happy, healthy, focussed kids that aren’t missing out on the PE and playtime that they love so much about real school.



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