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Time out during Lockdown

Bouncy Castle hire at Monster Inflatables!
Lockdown may be hard for some of us and it can be a particularly difficult time for our kids. Research from the Mental Health Foundation shows lockdown to have a significant impact on the mental health of those we love; however, often, our children cannot communicate how hard this is for them.

The duration of quarantine and consequent lack of social and physical contact with friends, family and the outside world has been shown to be associated with increased PTSD symptoms. They may also be experiencing loneliness as a result of lockdown and being unable to socialise with other children. 

The impact of social distancing and lockdown on children’s development is the subject of a new study led by psychologists at Oxford Brookes University. Experts believe that quarantine measures during the COVID-19 pandemic might have a knock-on impact on parenting styles and children’s sleep, social interactions, screen use, and time spent outdoors.

This is why there has never been a better time to invest in soft play and bouncy castles from Monster Inflatables

Studies show that active play aids a child’s physical, mental, social and emotional well-being as they mature. 

The exercise will not only improve our children’s gross and fine motor development and enhance their emotional development, but it will greatly improve their mental health. 

The soft environment can boost a child's confidence and encourage them to push their physical boundaries. Soft play is among the most comprehensive and safe ways for kids to develop. Furthermore, this is a great opportunity to make the most of family time. 

Our children and young people are seeking out connection and creativity in the most adverse of circumstances. Encouraging siblings of all ages to play and be active together can help children cope with the anxieties and stress they are exposed to.

This is an excellent way for ensuring independence from adults. Your role is to make sure there is time for play and exercise!

At Monster Inflatables we can offer children the chance to find that vital sense of freedom during, what is, a very stressful and restrictive time. You’ll find a monster range to choose from so go ahead and check out what we can offer your children today. With Christmas approaching, this is the ideal time to check out our Celebration specials.

Important note, Monster Inflatables provides spray to extra secure Bouncy Castle for children and young people enable to play freely.



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