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When the weather turns bad, why not try indoor bouncy castle hire?

Even when the seasons turn cold and the nights are dark, our bouncy castles are great fun. And what better way for active kids, and adults, to keep warm than a good bounce. But, sometimes, you might just want to be cosy indoors, or don’t want to take the risk with the British weather. That’s when our indoor bouncy castle hire comes in.

The great thing about bouncy castles is that they can go almost everywhere. 

They are hard-wearing, so they are good for outdoor use, but because they are also soft — no-one would bounce on something that was hard — they are just as good for play indoors too. Anyone with kids will know they love to bounce, who hasn’t had to tell their children their sofa or bed isn’t, actually, a trampoline. But you might be surprised at where our castles have been inflated, they aren’t just for princes and princesses with spacious castles.

Bringing your play indoors has a lot of benefits. You don’t have to rely on the weather being on your side, so even if it’s pouring with rain, howling a gale, or the ground is under feet of snow, your bouncing fun is safe. It will keep kids occupied for hours too, so parents can concentrate on getting the cake ready, preparing party bags, or just having a chat and a relaxing glass of wine.

And it helps keep kids active, they can’t really burn off energy running around, but the great thing about bouncing is — being up and down — they can stay active in quite a small space. Our smallest indoor bouncy castle hire is just 7’ by 7’. Powered from standard mains electricity, it’s small enough to fit in almost any room. If you can create a space to lie down, with your arms extended, then you can create a space for bouncing fun.

And if you have larger rooms or are hiring a space or hall for a party, then you can select from our wide range of castles. Whether you want a theme to match your party, or something adventurous to help active kids burn off the cake, we have the widest range of bouncy castle’s imaginable.

Our range also includes lots of other items to help bring play indoors. 

It includes soft play, so you can create play areas and obstacle courses and your active kids (and grown-ups) can throw themselves about without getting hurt. We also have Nerf — which you can combine with other items — allowing everyone to battle it out over rugged, but soft, landscapes. We also have a selection of giant games, which work just as well inside as out. And we can offer ball pits, with balls, so everyone can dive in while keeping dry.

So, even if you’ve never thought about indoor bouncy castle hire before, give us as call. You might well be surprised at what can be possible, even with small spaces, and what our team can offer to make any party or event fun and memorable. We can talk about your event and use our experience to suggest how our extensive range of castles, soft play, and games can help you bring your play indoors during a cold winter.



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